CFMDC Bingo Hunt June 2011
Greenwood Lakes Park Lake Mary Fl.
The hunt is on!
CFMDC president Alan James calls the hunt early due to 95 + degree temps.
Alan rounds everyone up and splits everyone into 4 teams
The Bingo hunt consists of 2 sets of tokens 1 through75. The object of the hunt is to find as many tokens as
possible, to be distributed with forign coins as a distraction. Team up and play 3 games of Bingo on random
cards.  Thanks to Bill Shackelford for comming up with this fun hunt!
They look confident!
Bill Shackelford explaining the game
Team winners of 2 Bingo games
Team winners of a Bingo game
Bill Green wins most numbered tokens in the Bingo hunt
Bill Green wins most forign coins in the Bingo hunt
Jerry Hitson wins a silver dime for finding a token from the last
hunt held a few months back
Photos courtesy of Debra Green
Photos courtesy of Debra Green
Prizes awarded for most and least painted tokens found in
the warm up hunt
George Case wins silver quarter for special token